Lady Mac


March 2017

Don’t Toy With Me

When my brother and I were younger my parents would take us to Martha’s Vineyard for a week or two in the summer. One summer they told us they had such an awesome activity planned. We were all gonna spend... Continue Reading →

Top Knots ‘n Racism

Why can’t a top knot look good on me? Why can’t I have that floppy casual elegant puff on top of my head? It seems like ALL other women I see can just fling their hair magically to the top... Continue Reading →

Good Evening Y’all, It’s Jim Svejda

Awwwww no. Get on ready witcha selves cause it’s…….Jim Svejda on the raaaaaaajjjio!!!!!!!!!! It’s seven o’clock and KUSC’s nightly (at least on the weekdays) DJ James Svejda comes on to talk in his most ridiculous dialect from I know not... Continue Reading →

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