My name is Amanda MacDonald and I’m here to write stuff (updates in the “Dailies” section), post funny videos (“Amusements” section) and entertain myself. I have a hope that my efforts will be entertaining to others as well, thus, this blog.

Knowing me, posts will be random. In timing and in subject matter.


This is my current headshot. It is me now. Well, a version of me with perfect hair and make-up and lighting. Photo Cred: Brian Parillo


I’m kinda teaching myself through this. It took me two hours today to figure out how to create a goddamn menu. Forgive any amateur moves that may follow.

Understand explicitness shall flow freely here. I’ve been known to enjoy swearing, blasphemy (see above), and subject matters that include sex, drugs and fine classical music. You have been warned.

Wanna start fights and spread violent negativity? These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.

Wanna laugh and connect and share and discuss this crazy changing world with me? Crossover children, all are welcome.


This is me taking a selfie on The Fourth of July this year (2016). Photo Cred: me


Much love always and forever,