Lady Mac


September 2017

Literally Can’t Even AF

Enough with the tag lines and buzz words, yo. SO DONE! Something about these twenty-teens seems to foster phrases such as the above. I’m just so done with “so done”. Also, if I see one more post promising a harrowing... Continue Reading →

Dance Your Cares Away

Fraggle Rock is good medicine. And I needed some good medicine the other day. I was burnt out by covering the work shifts of sick millennials and worrying over finances and responsibilities. I was discouraged by the recent resignation I... Continue Reading →

This’ll Be Fun…

I am so tired. I guess that’s what I’ll write about because I’m too tired to think of anything else. So this’ll be an interesting and not at all whiny post. I’m kinda surprised at my tiredness because I used... Continue Reading →

Quitting Weed and Dreaming Dreams

I quit smoking weed about three months ago. I guess I’ll hit that bench water “90 days” mark on the 17th of this month. Hmmm, bench water. That’s wrong. It’s either high water or benchmark. And I don’t think either... Continue Reading →

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