So today is Day of the Dead, yesterday was Samhain and tomorrow it’s…All Saint’s Day? Or is that “Souls” instead of “Saint’s”? I dunno. But I had a few thoughts bout it here in LA.

Yesterday it was impossible to get pizza. I guess on Halloween everyone wants to eat pizza. I know I did. It’s an easy and (in theory) quick meal you know the kids will eat before going out to trick or treat and besides, they’re too riled up and excited to have an appetite for anything else.

This year Halloween fell on a Saturday. So we have all these families ordering from my favorite pizza place a little bit before the regular rush and overwhelming the kitchen early. And then you have the regular Saturday night rush. Oh but wait, it’s not regular, it’s goddamn (heehee) Halloween. So you have instead an uber mega crazy rush and the kitchen is backed up till forever and the TAKE AWAY wait time is over two hours.

“Oh but that’s all good, I only wanted a couple slices anyway.”

“We can’t make slice pies right now. We’re too busy,” and he points to a wall plastered with receipts. I assume these are the delivery orders waiting to be filled. Apparently every being in the known universe orders pizza on a Saturday Halloween. And they all order it from Los Angeles California on Earth. Odd. Why not New York? Better ‘za. But no, it’s Halloween, it’s Saturday, you’re a life form in a different galaxy and you need some L.A. pizza.

It was fine. I found a place that was able to make me a personal pizza and garlic cheese bread  for pick up in twenty minutes. Phew. I know. You were scared. That maybe I didn’t get my pizza on a night I should’ve been smart enough not to order pizza in the first place.