So. Miley Cyrus, rompers for guys and toothpowder. That’s what Facebook has taught me today. And I still don’t know what’s going on. In my attempt to figure out our daily dose of pop culture here’s what I came up with:

Miley Cyrus got some totally orchestrated publicity. Considering what she said, it’ll probably be the last time. Also; are we really surprised by this?

Rompers for guys are called coveralls. They’ve been wearing them forever. I don’t know what the story is here besides extra social media attention for I-already-forgot-what-his-name-was-well-I-guess-that-didn’t-work. Also; there is a law in England that dates back to Henry the Fifth stating that the British monarchy may not wear rompers (or “shortpants” over there) once they reach their fifth birthday. Also; I made that up…I think.

And finally, tooth powder is the answer to my dental issues! Thank goodness an ounce of clay and baking soda and salt can make up for that dental insurance I NEVER SEEM TO HAVE. But now, questions. Like why does a product weighing 1oz cost $7.95 to ship? Furthermore, why does 1oz of the product cost $19.95 when you can make over a literal POUND of it at home for under ten dollars? Oh wait, I know. Marketing. Also; I make tooth powder now!! DM me for an order form!! (please don’t, I’m lying)

In short (pants!) I haven’t figured anything out. As usual. Thank goodness.